About Us

Rapid Shield (RPS) is committed to providing customers with a range of information technology solutions, leveraging professional expertise and highly flexible equipment resources. Our services cover technical support, network lines, communication systems, network security, and even entire infrastructure management services. We assist customers in centralizing resource management, deploying rapidly, and executing various scales of IT projects in real time, thereby saving time and costs and significantly enhancing the overall operational efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition, our professional consulting team provides a tailored set of data center services to meet the diverse needs of different customers. These include hosting, colocation management, network security, access monitoring, and configuration support. Through comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, we cater to enterprises of all sizes. Backed by strong group capital, we not only provide a diversified product portfolio but also guarantee customers with continuous and stable services, making us a reliable and trustworthy partner.

In the face of rapidly changing business environments, RPS is committed to providing customers with ICT (Information Communications Technology) solutions of international standards. Combining rich industry experience and professional knowledge with a customer-centric service attitude, we provide customers with the following diversified product services to help them create a superior business environment.


We are committed to providing customers with highly flexible, reliable, and secure data center services, creating a high-quality and comprehensive hosting environment to help customers protect their critical data assets and support business growth. Our services mainly include physical hosting, enterprise backup solutions, cloud hosting, and management platforms. Our professional operations team provides customers with 24/7 technical support, using a comprehensive data center management framework to provide secure and well-managed services. We provide detailed performance reports every month, analyzing server status and activities. Customers can also monitor operations in real-time through our online system. In addition, our data center infrastructure has comprehensive backup support, ensuring continuous server operation and offloading daily data center management tasks from customers, allowing them to focus on their core business.

At the same time, we provide multiple external BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routes. Due to the inherent redundancy and loop elimination features of the BGP protocol, as well as support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, all core routing devices will automatically select high-quality Internet routes to our data center. This not only enables customers to achieve high-speed access and mutual backup between routes but also ensures uninterrupted connectivity to international and Chinese networks. This helps customers maintain high competitiveness and quickly enter markets anywhere in the world.

We understand the critical importance of data security to our customers. By monitoring all network traffic entering our customers' Internet in real-time, we identify and prioritize various threats before they affect customer operations. We promptly detect various abnormal traffic patterns, including DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks), and initiate protective measures according to the response mode agreed upon with the customer to manage risks. We also adjust protection strategies in real-time based on changes in DDoS attacks, swiftly detecting, analyzing, adjusting, and intercepting targeted attacks or deviations from normal behavior. Through highly secure Internet access technologies, we provide customers with a secure operating environment with guaranteed bandwidth and service availability to ensure the normal operation of their businesses.

Using point-to-point virtual private network (VPN) technology, we maintain highly secure, flexible, and fast network speeds, which undoubtedly help customers enhance their competitiveness and efficiency, and expand specific business needs. RPS has close cooperation with telecommunications companies worldwide, providing extensive network service coverage. We adopt Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) transmission technology to create an encrypted virtual private network environment for customers, integrating voice, data, and video into a single network. This approach reduces network loads, enabling files to be transmitted quickly. Additionally, regardless of business size, the number of computers can benefit, allowing customer enterprises to enjoy cost-effectiveness while enhancing internal information security. Furthermore, MPLS-IP virtual private networks can add or remove sites from the network, and their high scalability and flexible advantages connect offices worldwide, promoting the continuous development of customer businesses and exploring opportunities in new markets.

We provide customers with a one-stop professional assessment and advisory service for their companies, systems, and networks. We deeply understand the existing architectures of different customers and provide future resource integration and strategic planning according to their needs. This includes aspects such as data centers, server deployment, system reconfiguration or migration, network design, data security, disaster recovery planning, user experience, and operational monitoring, providing customers with effective, feasible, and forward-looking solutions.

RPS has a team of engineers with professional qualifications and extensive experience. Our team not only has deep IT knowledge but also a profound understanding of business operations. We ensure that enterprises of different industries and sizes receive prompt, flexible, and comprehensive hardware and software support and maintenance services. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining the continuity of customer business. We arrange multiple support channels to meet the needs of different customers, including daily support services, on-site personnel services, and emergency support services. Through telephone services, remote control, and on-site support, we provide customers with a full range of technical support services required by the company, such as data migration and backup, email archiving, document management, and system application processing. We help customers effectively control budget costs while improving business and operational efficiency.

We offer cost-effective voice communication solutions that help employees, partners, and customers worldwide connect and collaborate more effectively. We provide customers with various types of VoIP solutions (Voice over IP, Internet Protocol telephony) that integrate data and voice into a single line, eliminating the need for separate communication setups for each service. Additionally, VoIP services are cost-effective and can be flexibly prepaid or billed monthly, helping customers reduce overall costs while catering to partners in different locations. Managed IP voice systems and billing plans allow customers to download detailed call data and effectively manage costs. Furthermore, call center solutions can significantly reduce the workload of customer service personnel and improve the effectiveness of promotional activities, enabling customer enterprises to effectively enhance customer service levels and strengthen relationship management with their customers, thereby enhancing their corporate image. In summary, combining our voice communication services with highly competitive rates will help customers improve information sharing and decision-making efficiency between enterprises.

To meet the diverse needs of different customers, RPS provides comprehensive support services to numerous global vendors. We support customers in managing different brands of hardware and software products and system resources, including personal computers, network devices, servers, storage devices, operating systems, and application software. This helps customers save time and resources managing multiple service providers simultaneously, providing comprehensive support for complex information technology environments and allowing customers to focus on business development and enhance operational efficiency.


Our customer base is extremely diverse, spanning across industries and regions worldwide. Many well-known financial companies, precious metal companies, online gaming companies, and more in Asia are using our range of data center value-added services, including data center solutions, virtual private network solutions, network security, and system and network hosting services. With our excellent reputation, RPS was honored to be the designated operator for the 2016 Rio Olympics website (http://www.brazil.com). We value long-term partnerships with our customers, seeing each customer as a collaborative partner, building relationships based on deep mutual trust. Together, we support each other's business growth and move forward towards the future. Additionally, we will further focus on the Greater China region as a key target market, aiming to become the premier strategic partner for information technology solutions.


> RPS has three locations in Kwai Chung, Sha Tin, and Tseung Kwan O, providing customers with a wide range of data center services, including managed hosting, cloud, and networking services. Whether it's the location of the data center, network connectivity, security, or reliability, we can meet different business needs. We value customer data security and have set up an emergency response center specifically for handling DDoS attacks. We develop multiple disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans for each customer, equipped with comprehensive business operations facilities. In the event of a serious incident, we can deploy immediately to assist customers in quickly restoring normal business operations, ensuring the long-term and sustained business interests of customers.

Hong Kong's position as a stable international financial center relies on its advanced telecommunications infrastructure, which promotes communication between local and international entities, helping businesses establish a foothold in the region. Our innovative data center services span the globe, providing comprehensive and highly scalable data center value-added services to global enterprises. Currently, we manage over 1,000 servers and more than ten dedicated network lines for customers in Hong Kong and around the world. Our professional service team provides 24x7x365 real-time support to customers, and our external network services have up to 15G of international/China bandwidth, capable of handling 5G bandwidth during peak times, with an average guaranteed speed of over 1.2G.

Through multiple small nodes around the world, we connect regional loops from various network providers to handle a variety of product services, including DDoS attack defense, MPLS virtual private networks, VOIP voice communication services, and more. With our strong global network and rich customer experience, we use the most flexible and reliable service guarantees to help customers connect their businesses in different regions and seize market opportunities.

We use Hong Kong as our core base, looking towards the Greater China market. Through close cooperation with domestic telecommunications service providers, we provide customers with comprehensive and diversified routes and high-quality network quality to meet the different needs of customers for dedicated internet connectivity services. RPS adheres to its long-standing commitment to extremely stable and outstanding network performance, setting rigorous standards and requirements for service providers providing collaborative services, and making multiple commitments to customers.

China Node Public Network Line

Hong Kong is adjacent to China, with frequent trade exchanges. Data transmission and communication quality are particularly important for customers who frequently do business with China. Utilizing public network lines with nodes structured in the three major centers of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, directly connected to China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile, high-speed data lines achieve interconnection of various nodes in China. We guarantee a latency of no more than 25ms, a packet loss rate of less than 1%, and an uptime of up to 99.999%, greatly optimizing the network connection quality for customers to mainland China.

Network Dedicated Line

We are committed to providing customers with high-speed point-to-point connectivity capabilities. The dedicated first and second-layer networks provide flexible transmission functions for various applications and communication protocols, serving regions as far as central, western, and northern China. Ensuring that the lines provide extremely reliable and low-jitter connections, including protocols such as LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol), TRUNK (port aggregation), Jumbo Frame, with a latency of no more than 25ms, a packet loss rate of less than 1%, and an uptime of up to 99.999%, providing the best guarantee for customers in network latency and packet loss.

Hong Kong Data Center BGP Routes

The main function of BGP is to control the propagation of routes and select the best route. Realizing interconnection of multiple BGP routes (China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile), from domestic nodes to the Hong Kong segment, ensuring a latency of no more than 25ms, a packet loss rate of less than 1%, and an uptime of up to 99.999%. We support a complete and diversified network path and redundant network. Network fault tolerance provides uninterrupted network services, transmitting network traffic to international exits (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou) and then to overseas or Hong Kong, reducing the possibility of service disruption.

Furthermore, we use proprietary technology to identify and filter DDoS attacks in the shortest possible time, supporting protection against attacks using third-layer IP/ICMP, fourth-layer UDP/TCP, seventh-layer application layer or other attack methods, with 500G of website caching space, ensuring the stability of customer networks and the steady and continuous development of business.


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